Contemporary Circle Dancing - choreography by Lesley Laslett

Dancing in a circle is one of the most ancient ways in which people celebrate the seasons, community and togetherness.

Many dances are drawn from rich traditions of Eastern European countries, others are more modern choregraphs to a wide range of music, leaving you with a sense of relaxation and well being.

For over thirty years Lesley has been teaching and choreographing contemporary circle dances, many of which have become favorites in the Circle dance repertoire.

She holds a group at Manston every Thursday, and also holds Special Events and Workshops both in the UK and abroad.

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Lesley brings heart and soul with her dances, some are simple, others more complicated, but many are powerful and leaves you with a sense of exhilaration and inner peace.

Lesley will take you into full flight, with a wide range of lively, graceful and meditative dances.

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Circle Dancing

Circle Dancing

Circle Dancing

I have been teaching and choreographing contemporary dance for 30 years. I hold weekly classes on a Thursday evening at Manston village hall Kent.

I have taught internationally, holding workshops in England, east and West coast on America, Barbados, Canada, Greece, Italy, Lichtenstein and Switzerland.

Contemporary circle dance is for me about the joy, the spirituality, the emotion that music and dance can bring, letting go, expressing ourselves through the movements and enjoying each other's company through the music and the dance. When you "let go" of fears, inhibitions and dance with your mind body and soul you are complete.

Lesley Laslett

Lesley Laslett